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  1. Do you plan to add payment method by credit card again? There is only freekassa and enot now.
  2. Delete CSGO version (especially train version and overpass shit)...bring back contra! Its a fantastic map. Why one of the css competitive maps have to move aside to csgo maps... We are playing counter strike source guys...if you like csgo you can go to play it...
  3. Who wants to play "go version of maps" then you can go to play csgo. This is COUNTER STRIKE SOURCE, not csgo. If i want to play 1.6 inferno then i would go to play 1.6...etc. Yes I am csgo hater - in my opinion csgo is really shit (1.6 and css are best).
  4. cache_go - ok, when i saw it i just say "okay its a little bit better than css version But now i see train_go version? WHAAT? Where is the end of it? We are playing SOURCE guys, not CSGO. If anyone want to play this kind of map, he can just play CSGO. Now i´m just afraid of playing all versions of csgo map here in future...de_dust2_go, de_nuke_go etc... Most of players leaving when server changes to de_train - and now these "players" want to play train_go??? Come one...csgo versions of all classics maps are shitty. Dont understand this...maybe im too old and remembering to old times in css. But still we are playing CSS - so lets play this fantastic game and dont mix it with csgo DNA, please.
  5. If i could...i have some ideas to improve...or get a fresh air to the servers 1. I would make a overtime...3 rounds per side (startmoney 10k) - it´s classic rule. 2. I would try to make some servers witch CGS rules. In past it was a league with different game settings There were these 4 differences: - number of rounds per side 9 - it´s mr 9. - time of the round was 1:20 min - startmoney were 16k - overtime was a sudden death - just 1 more round. I think that CGS settings can be very interesting...faster game, minimum camping 3. It would be great that guns and grenades on the ground could be visible.
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